A Tourism Manager and Traveler Who Worked at Firefly Agency

A Tourism Manager and Traveler Who Worked at Firefly Agency

There are various kinds of tourism. There is domestic travel where people get to travel within their country. There is inbound travel where one travels from his/her country to another one. There is also outbound travel where people travel far away from their country. As a tourism leader, Max Polyakov oversees several departments that provide the three kinds of tourism.

Details about tourism and the role of Max Polyakov


Max Polyakov had a passion for traveling since he was 13 years old. After he cleared high school at the age of 18, he enrolled for a traveling program at a university. Max loved the fact that tourism offers many opportunities, it is innovative, it entails traveling so often and the traveling business keeps growing always.

Max’s duties at Firefly Agency

Firefly Company exists as an intermediary between the purchasers and the suppliers. The traveling business is the supplier and the tourists are the purchasers.

Firefly Company also functions as a broker between travelers and restaurants, car rentals and other tourism agencies.

Upon finishing his studies, Max Polyakov managed to secure a job at Firefly Travel Agency. His role at that company was to advertise packaged tours to possible customers. He was a tourism consultant to people in Asia, Europe, and Africa. Max’s great effort enabled him to handle so many huge projects.

Challenges in Max’s job

All careers have their ups and downs. It is not easy to prevent issues and every issued must be addressed on time otherwise an individual might lose his or her job.

As the head of Tourism at Firefly, Max Polyakov often faced hard times. Many of the issues he encountered were based on individuals not knowing why it is crucial to patronize tourism consultants or buy traveling packages. Many tourists preferred purchasing a visa, however; Max Polyakov tackles everything encompassing tours and group packages for seminars, holidays and other kinds of travel.

Other problems that Max Polyakov encountered include tourists not presenting the right papers. Also, he had difficulties in convincing tourists to let him manage their entire traveling package since it is cheaper than purchasing a visa.

Despite all that, Max was able to perform his duties well and he learned so much from any challenge that he faced. This made him become better.


Max Polyakov has now achieved so much. His job at Firefly Agency is what he treasures most and he always ensures that his customers get the best experience.

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